sketchbook dreams

Paige = 1, Monday = 0
except for the time I spent making this...well, sometimes you just have to let your mind play.



The past week has been a whirlwind of thoughts.  
Thoughts about my dreams, thoughts about my family, thoughts about the way I live my life, thoughts about this blog, thoughts about what I eat, thoughts about my friends far away on the east coast, thoughts about the future, thoughts about the past, thoughts about what I think about every damn thing.  
But tomorrow marks the beginning of a new week, the chance to start fresh.  Tomorrow brings a more gentle, calmer wind with it.  Tomorrow, hopefully I'll be able to assemble these thoughts into actions.  And for that I am grateful.  



so.  a lot has happened in the past six months.
It's crazy to think that my last post was written in June.  This blog has followed me through a lot of life, and somehow I got away from it in Philadelphia.  I think it had something to do with the limbo-esque place I occupied during my time there.
I could go on and on about life, and things, but for now I will only say that I've moved to California, I'm working as a designer for a company I love, I'm finally in the same zip code as my best friend/partner in crime, and I didn't know happiness existed in such ways.  Life is too short to sit still, sometimes you just gotta go for it and make that terrifying change in life that your soul needs.

Also, weirdly enough, I'm starting to enjoy the morning.  Who knew?


summer in the city...

So far summer has been a combination of homemade brunches, weekend farm/winery trips, kayaking adventures, and I even threw in a few strolls around Brooklyn.  I can't believe it is already July and after the looooong east coast winter, I feel like summer is just beginning!  Philly has been nothing but magical the past few months.  I moved in with one of my best friends, downsized my life and I'm gearing up for my big move across the country to LA, all while trying to enjoy this beautiful east coast summer.  I can't wait to visit home next week and make trips to vintage shops in Austin, Hamilton pool, and take stroll down South Congress....along with seeing my family and friends!
Cheers to summer never ending....


it's a wes anderson world

Something pretty special happened a few weeks ago, and even though I'm just getting around to sharing it on the blog, it was nothing short of amazing.  

I was featured in a New York Times article about people with a love for Wes Anderson.  If you don't know already, I'm slightly obsessed, so much so that a while back I was inspired by Moonrise Kingdom and knit a pair of knickers that are currently a made-to-order item in my etsy shop.  Check out the article here, written by the lovely Penelope Green.


into the mist

Just a little snippet of home…a few days the sun came out to play, but mostly it was sort of overcast and moody the type of weather that you sometimes love and sometimes hate.  You love it when you're snuggled up next to your lover on the couch with a blanket and a fire, but its not so ideal during the busy hum of mid-day.  

This was one of those afternoons captured--misty and frosted.  There was something sort of cozy and romantic about the overcast skies that day, especially rocking one of my all time favorite seasonal dresses.  It is only the most ingenious invention ever--a flannel, plaid maxi dress--from, believe it or not, Lucky brand.  It's as functionally warm as it is eye catching.  I had to top it all off with my staple vintage jacket and hat of the moment.  These two things on top of any outfit I own is like my uniform-- throw in some braids and I'm set for life. 

P.S.  I miss living in the middle of giant fields…till next time Texas.